Rock veteran Ted Nugent recently sat down with Dr. Oz on his YouTube channel named The Nightly Nuge and spoke about music. The conversation led to Nugent explaining that his music is undiscriminating and explaining the source of his songs.

Ted Nugent has been a controversial political figure as he started doing live streams explaining his political and lifestyle views to his fans. He gained a lot of followers and a community that supported his views on conservative politics and hunter rights in the United States. He also has strong opinions on how not to let immigrants pass into the country.

Aside from being a well-known and successful guitarist and having an influence in the rock and roll world, his political views have made it more to the media than his music lately. In a recent interview on his YouTube channel with Dr. Mehmet Oz, he talked about how his music is undiscriminating, regardless of his own political opinions.

He started to say that the essence of his music comes from his outdoor personality, which links to it being raw, organic, and primitive. He powerfully describes his sounds as individual and instinctual rather than practiced and fake. He continued to say that his music has no discrimination of race, gender, or ideology because of these aspects.

Here is what Nugent said about the essence of his music:

“I’ve always used the term primal, organic, raw, instinctual. That’s where my music comes from. Especially as a hunting fish and trap and outdoor guy who spends more time in the great outdoors than I do indoors, that instinctual primal scream that is the driving force of all our individualism. It has a sound, and those of us that put our heart and soul into creating that sound no matter what the instrument might be especially mine if I may, it brings out an absolutely pure, primal, instinctual, raw spirit.

He continued to say that it doesn’t discriminate:

“The good, the bad, and the ugly. You can talk up, sing and write lyrics about all of the above but yes. No matter where I’ve been for the last 70 years, unleashing my music, color, creed, religion, gender confusion, ideology, and political party means nothing. It’s as pure as a human communication force that exists in this world.”

You can watch the full interview below.

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