Ted Nugent talked about what his father made him do when he was a little kid while sharing his childhood dreams with his fans. Also, he revealed the secret behind him becoming the richest guitar player during his recent Facebook Livestream.

As you might know, Ted Nugent started his professional musical career as the lead guitarist of The Amboy Dukes. Later, it became Nugent’s backing band when he decided to focus on his solo musical career. As a solo musician, Nugent gained international fame and commercial success all around the world.

Nugent’s second solo studio album entitled ‘Free-For-All’ became his first platinum album and its success was followed by numerous other best-selling albums. Thus, it can be stated that the late ’70s was Ted Nugent’s golden era. He also approved this argument saying that he was the highest-paid guitarist between 1977 and 1979.

One of the secrets behind Ted Nugent’s success was his father making him write down his dreams jobs when he was a little boy. When Nugent looked at the lists years later, he realized that he always wanted to become a guitar player and hunter. He revealed that he achieved his childhood dreams by knowing what he wants and being a good person.

Nugent shared the details about his childhood and successful career saying:

“My dad trained horses for the US Army and he had a metal bar which he used for his job. He would give us directions in a voice that you wouldn’t dare to defy but he never hit us with that thing. However, we were scared. My dad would make my brother Jeff, myself, John, and Kathy write a list every year.

He said ‘I want you to write ten things you wanted to be when you grow up.’ When I was ten years old, I wrote a list. When my dad died years ago, I found my lists. I was such a goofball. I didn’t write cop, farmer, or astronaut and wrote guitar player and hunter of the north. So, I was the number one grossing guitar player of 1977,78, and 79. That’s the mountain Everest.

My dreams were so simple. I said I wanted to be a guitar player up north and go hunting while playing my guitar. So, if you are a good person and conscious of how your conduct affects others positively, your American dream doesn’t interfere with anyone else’s American dream. That’s the foundation of ten commandments and the golden rule.”

Consequently, according to Ted Nugent, if people focus on their dreams and are aware of the consequences of their actions, they will be able to achieve their own American dream.

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