Ted Nugent talked about the similarity he and Mark Zuckerberg had about their interest in hunting in a recent one of his Facebook live streams, and he gave some personal tips to Mark for developing his hunting skills.

As you may know, Ted Nugent possesses a great number of controversial views on various topics such as gun ownership and animal rights. For instance, he is a hunter who advocates hunting every time possible. Nugent’s enthusiasm for hunting is to the extent that he owns a 340-acre hunting ranch. He also got into trouble for his love of hunting as he was once pled guilty to illegally killing and transporting an American black bear.

Ted Nugent also regularly streams live chats on his Facebook page and YouTube channel in which he also talks about his controversial views. During those live streams, he reveals his thoughts on many topics including social and political issues and events related to the music industry. Moreover, he also plays his guitar sometimes chats with his fans.

In a recent episode of his Facebook live streams, Ted Nugent claimed that Mark Zuckerberg is also a hunter who hunts hogs and goats in Hawaii. Following that, he said they might be blood brothers. Nugent then continued his words by giving Zuckerberg advice on hunting.

In his live stream, Nugent stated:

“I reference that maybe Mr. Zuckerberg is discovering an ounce of decency and honesty. Because that he has fact-checkers, he would indicate otherwise, but he is bowhunting for hogs and goats in Hawaii.

So, Mark, we’re blood brothers maybe. If you’ve discovered the mystical flight of the arrow, take more time. Become one with the arrow and the spirit of the wild, And discover the controlled, disciplined path of your life.”

You can watch Ted Nugent’s full live stream below.