Rock veteran Ted Nugent shared a part of his previous appearance on A Bone To Pick Podcast on Facebook and he responded to the people who defined him as a racist person by revealing the reason behind why those claims can’t be true.

As you may recall, Ted Nugent faced a backlash and was called racist when he described former president Barak Obama as a ‘communist-nurtured subhuman mongrel’ in one of his previous interviews. He then denied that he meant to attack Obama with a racist statement.

In addition, Nugent claimed that there is no such thing as white supremacy in today’s America and it ended years ago even though African American people still have to face racism in almost every part of their lives. He also accused Black Lives Matter protesters of being a terrorist organization. Nugent’s several statements over the years caused him to be accused of being a racist.

Recently, Ted shared the video of his appearance on A Bone To Pick Podcast on his Facebook page. As can be seen in the video, Nugent defended himself against people accusing him of being a racist by saying that he can’t be a racist since he has always supported and given credit to African American artists throughout his career. He added that he is color-blind and chose his musicians without considering their races.

In Nugent’s words, he said:

“First of all, I’m a rocker that like I said done more interviews than anybody ever. I have started in the mid-sixties doing interviews on rock and roll, publications, and media. Guess what I promoted every night of 6755 concerts, our black heroes, Chuck Berry, B.B. King… etc.

I had a tour called Black Power one year that Williams and Fox cornered me because it was racist. I went ‘You’re kidding me right?’ How inept and foolish must you be to jump that nasty conclusion when we put on a press release paying homage and reference for the founding fathers all the greatest music in the world, never been a white influence?

You didn’t go there, the silver wig Beethoven and Bach and those guys, which is wonderful stuff but when it comes to moving and emotional authoritative defiant spirit of men, defiant against the slavery, tyranny, Emporer, kings… Defiant is beautiful and there will be nowhere without them.”

He went on:

“I attributed my musical powers to be brought up in Detroit and then the Motel Funk Brothers and Stevie Wonder. No one has stayed black artists. All people combined haven’t promoted black artists as much as Ted Nugent has. My bass player at that time was Johnny Gunnell, he was a black dude. After him, my bass player was Marco Mendoza, he was born in Mexico.

I’m on record, thousands of times said ‘Color doesn’t matter.’ Punctuality, work ethic, talents, dedication… If you wanna be a bass player in Ted Nugent’s band, you just have to be the best bass player in the world. I’m color-blind.”

Consequently, it can be said that Ted Nugent regards himself as a great and dedicated supporter of black artists even though he has been criticized due to being a racist many times.

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