On his personal Facebook page, the iconic rock musician Ted Nugent shared a new statement about possible discrimination in high-paying jobs: ‘Discrimination has nothing to do with skin color.’

Rock music veteran Ted Nugent has been known for his statements about social and political issues in America, which he often shares on social media platforms. As being a devoted supporter of President Donald Trump, Ted also writes some comments defending Trump’s actions.

Recently, Ted Nugent shared his thoughts about possible discrimination towards people of color in the work place. As he stated on Facebook, Ted believed the reason why someone was not getting a high-paying job must be related to her / his talent. He stated that the business owners were not discriminating against people due to their skin color but they were only interested in the talent and work ethic of a future employee.

Furthermore, Ted gave some examples of how the National Basketball Association (NBA) worked as a business. He mentioned that the NBA teams chose the best of the best players considering their talent on the court, regardless of their skin color. According to Ted, just like the NBA, high-paying jobs required certain talents and hard work, therefore they had nothing to do with people’s ethnicity.

Here’s what Ted Nugent stated on his personal Facebook page:

“I greatly admire the National Basketball Association (NBA), though I haven’t watched an NBA game since Michael Jordan ruled the court some 20 or so years ago.

The reason I admire the NBA is because it, more than any other business I can think of at the moment, most closely mirrors how I believe a business should be run.

NBA teams put the absolute best of the best players on the court. In order to be a ball-handling employee at the NBA level you have to be exceedingly tall, extraordinarily quick, and have an incredible hand-eye coordination.

You have to be the best of the best to play at the level, and even then that may not be quite good enough.

You will not make it at the NBA level if you are short, slow, can’t jump or shoot, fat, lazy, or simply because you believe you are entitled to play. Yes, the NBA discriminates.

All businesses must discriminate in order to ensure they have the absolute best employees that will help the owners maximize profits. Discrimination has nothing to do with skin color, but rather solely on talent and work ethic.

Never think for a moment that you or someone else is entitled to a high-paying job or any job for that matter. You are not. High paying jobs are held by the smartest, hardest working, talented people that businesses can attract.”

You can see the statement Ted Nugent shared on Facebook below.

I greatly admire the National Basketball Association (NBA), though I haven’t watched an NBA game since Michael Jordan…

Gepostet von Ted Nugent am Freitag, 26. Juni 2020