The famous American rock star and a well-known music veteran, Ted Nugent reposted a new photo of his beloved wife, Shemane Nugent on his official Instagram page, and shared his concerns about the hunting laws.

As you will read below, Shemane stated that Ted revealed his thoughts about the current controversial arguments about the attacks about the hunters.

Here is what Shemane wrote:

“Repost from @shemanenugent – Ted testified at the capital today to end the baiting ban law in Michigan. There’s controversy about the chronic wasting disease and that spilled corn will exacerbate the conditions for the disease to spread, but Ted countered those claims with facts.

It’s a shame that hunting laws are under such an attack, and meanwhile, the state hires sharp shooters to kill “surplus” deer. Our tax dollars at work. 😏#hunternation #hunting #michigan #politics”

You can see the photo below.