Ted Nugent, the veteran rock musician and conservative political activist, has given the news that he’s back to hunting to improvise his skills of adaptation after he’s been devastated by the loss of Donald Trump in the 2020 presidential election.

As you know, the great guitarist and singer, Ted Nugent, has been supporting the Republican candidate Donald Trump, since he first showed up on the political stage. For this year’s campaign, Nugent has performed at Trump Rally that took place in several states as Michigan and Pennsylvania.

After it was finally announced that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris won the presidential election of the US a few days ago, Ted Nugent has appeared on the Facebook live stream to express his disappointment with the result. Nugent said that Biden and Harris represent the devil during his live video.

Most recently, the musician has shown up on Instagram to give an update on how he’s coping with the presidential election’s result. Ted Nugent displayed that he’s back to hunting with a picture he took while resting with his lovely dogs. In the caption, Nugent said that life can be perfect if you know how to improvise adapt and overcome.

Here’s what Ted Nugent said in his latest Instagram post:

Life can be perfect if you know how to improvise adapt and overcome.”

You can see the post below.