One of the coolest guys in the rock music, Ted Nugent, has shared a never-seen-before letter by 40th president of the United States, Ronald Reagan, for his anti-drug stances via his official Instagram account.

Since the 1970s, Ted Nugent has been in war against drugs and alcohol so he became a role model for all of the people. In July 1983, the president of the United States, Ronald Reagan, sent a letter to Ted Nugent and shared his opinion about his anti-drug stances.

In addition, Ronald Reagan was so happy to see Ted as a patriot who loves his country and shared this love in his live performances.

Here is what Ronald Reagan wrote:

“Dear Mr. Nugent:

It was good news for me to learn that in addition to your great talent you often share your strong patriotism with the youth who come to your performances. That is certainly commendable and you are giving a great gift to America’s young people by helping to instill in them values to live by. I was pleased to share with Nancy that you have your own anti-drug campaign and she joins me in sending our best wishes to you.

Sincerely, Ronald Reagan”

Ted Nugent after he shared this letter:

“Clean and sober keeps you in the asset column. Otherwise not so much. If nothing else I have been consistent for 71 years!”

A fan named Sean Colligan said:

“Wow amazing!! Who gets a letter like that?”

You can check the post below.