Ted Nugent, a successful solo artist and best known for once being the lead guitarist of The Amboy Dukes, shared a video on his official Facebook page while he was hunting and revealed his secrets for hunting while getting a bunch of criticism for his video.

As you might remember, Ted Nugent once revealed that his experience in the wild increased happiness and quality of his life in his article ‘I Am A Primitive Man.’ Nugent also opened up about his connection to bows and hunting in his article and how those things lead him to his inner peace.

During a recent video posted on his official Facebook page, Ted Nugent opened up about his health problems and stated that he is using a light-weighted bow because of his shoulder and arm problems lately, and he also stressed that he is 70 years old. It was a video while he was hunting with his bow. Nugent also stated that he is getting old and he should aim small.

Here is what Nugent said about his video:

“The bow will do the trick!

I’m getting old, my back and shoulders are killing me! Aim small miss small, that shot placement is more important than ever!”

While some fans love seeing him in nature and hunting, some others called his hunting a crime against the animals. His video became a platform for his fans to discuss whether it is right or wrong to hunt and kill innocent animals.

You can see the Facebook post by clicking here.