During his recent interview with The Jeremy White Show, Ted Nugent talked about his songwriting process by sharing some details, and he revealed that his methods are quite unusual.

Ted Nugent has been pursuing a very successful career as a musician for many years. Some of his songs sold millions of records and hit the charts, making him one of the highest-paid guitarists. So, both his fans and journalists wanted to know how he wrote and composed these hits.

In his interview, The Handsome Devil clarified his process and highlighted that he doesn’t sit down and write songs with pen and paper. He always uses his guitar, and the notes or sounds find him while playing.

Moreover, Ted Nugent shared his thoughts and ideas about the method, saying that he ‘ejaculates songs’ through his guitar. He added that he has no baggage or inhibitions and his instincts help him create the perfect sound and lyrics. Finally, the rocker described himself as a ‘musical monster’ who is very creative because he’s pure.

In Nugent’s words, he said:

“People always ask me, ‘So, how do you go about writing a song?’ Let me clarify: I’ve never ‘written’ a song; I’ve never sat down with pen and paper. I always have a guitar handy. I play my guitar every day.

I don’t write songs, I don’t compose songs — I ejaculate them. I play my guitar and my hands find their home on the guitar… I’m a musical monster. I grab the guitar and shit explodes, flames come out of my ass because I am so pure. I have no baggage. I have no inhibitions.”

You can watch the interview below.

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