During a recent appearance on Newsmax TV’s Eric Bolling The Balance, Ted Nugent suggested that schools should have commandos to protect children from mass shootings.

The current gun laws in the United States are at the center of discussion after the latest incidents in the country. Unfortunately, several mass shootings have occurred in the United States recently. The sad events reignited polarizing debates about gun rights and school safety. The issue has become so politically divisive that it seems unlikely to result in any meaningful change soon.

It is important to remember that guns are a part of everyday life in the United States. Most gun owners see firearms as a way to protect their freedoms and property. While vast numbers of Americans are sickened with high rates of gun violence and demand restrictions on gun ownership, others still see restricting guns as a violation of their rights.

During a recent appearance, Ted Nugent, known for his pro-gun views, reflected on mass school shootings and offered a solution. The rocker stated that the schools should be protected no matter and having commandos in there can be an effective way to ensure the security of the children. For Nugent, well-trained and capable commandos can stop the attempts before they go any further.

Ted Nugent speaking on mass shootings:

“If you want to start in this current cluster that we’re in right now, secure the damn schools! I mean, one point of, and this isn’t a guitar player’s hunch, it’s been proven. One point of entrance, all other entries locked, have a real commando, a real tuned-in guy trained in tactics and firepower and criminality.

Have him looking for trouble and not casually walking around Parkland. Maybe he’ll run into trouble. Have a commando that values those children’s lives and have this commando well-trained tactical capable individual looking for trouble and stopping it before it gets there.”

You can watch the rest of the interview below.