American singer Ted Nugent spoke in an interview with Mitch Lafon and explained his thoughts about trophy hunting. He said that ‘every kill is a trophy. Every hunt is sport, meat, trophy, fun.’

Here’s the statement:

“Mitch, baby, I hope you’re recording this because you’ll want to play it back often. Trophy hunting is the ultimate discipline and test and sport on Earth. And believe me when I tell you, you’re talking to a guy who’s celebrating 70th hunting season with people from all around the world including my friends in Quebec and all across Canada and Europe. They hunt with me every year for the last, geez, 50 years I’ve been hosting hunts.

Trophy hunters… NEVER! EVER! Waste anything on the animal. Yes, they wait for the older specimen, usually over the hill and beyond breeding that will not make it through that winter. That’s what trophy hunting is – a big magnificent stag.

We all know why there’s hieroglyphs on cave walls – because we all revere the beast that gives us food, shelter, clothing, medicine, tools, weapons, and spirit. Trophy hunting is the ultimate reference for that animal because the skin, the bones, the internal organs, the hoofs, and the precious sacred protein from that animal is always used by law that the trophy hunters and the meat hunters and the conservationists from all families who hunt fish and trap.

We wrote that law that you don’t dare waste a precious morsel of any animal that God provides you as a gift. And by dedicating yourself to be the best hunter you can be, you can properly and epically and reverentially accept that gift.

Are there punks and scum that kill animals and waste meat? Yes. But when we catch them, we prosecute them and we throw the law book at them because that is the most sacrilegious punk-ass move you can possibly make – to kill an animal and not use it. But trophy hunters wait for the biggest, oldest one and most of the time don’t kill anything because they’re so hard to get. But they have to by law and the spirit of our hunting ethics – we use every morsel!

Trophy hunters don’t cut off the head and leave the body there that the media and the fake-news punks have perpetuated. That lie is why the term ‘fake news’ is so important today.

Mitch, every kill… I killed a woodchuck the other day with my bow and arrow, the mystical flight of the arrow, that’s a hard shot. And that’s a trophy! I skinned it and I tanned it and gave it to one of my grandkids for Christmas.

Every kill is a trophy. Every hunt is sport, meat, trophy, fun. You cannot hunt without a sense of a trophy accomplishment, incredible challenge sport, the precious life-giving sacred protein of the meat, and the joy and fun of all those pursuits and preparation and ‘aim small, miss small’ discipline with your weapon of choice.

See, I’m so glad you brought that up because that lie has gone unchallenged for so long that I’m glad that I educated you and everyone listening that trophy hunting utilizes everything of the animal. Every spec of that magnificent creature is the trophy.”

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