During a recent interview with Brave Words, the rock singer and conservative political activist Ted Nugent talked about his relationship with Van Halen’s iconic guitarist Eddie and revealed that the band’s first tour was not with Black Sabbath but with him.

Even though Ted Nugent often makes it to the headlines of rock news with his controversial statements about social and political matters, he’s also known to be one of the most talented rockstars of all time. He rose to fame as the lead guitarist of the psychedelic and hard rock band The Amboy Dukes.

His fame increased after he decided to pursue a solo career and he is best known for his bluesy and frenzied guitar playing with his Gibson Byrdland. In his recent interview, he talked about his experiences in the rock world and revealed unknown details about his close relationship with the late rockstar, Eddie Van Halen.

In his latest interview, Ted Nugent said that he was very heartbroken to hear the passing of Eddie and that no one in the rock world will ever ‘get past the impact of losing the masterful virtuosity of Eddie Van Halen.’ Nugent went on to say that he was a musical genius with a golden heart who was loved by everyone.

Then Ted Nugent said that although most people think that Van Halen’s first tour was with Black Sabbath, it was actually opening for him, which was apparently a great experience for both Nugent and the band. The rockstar went on to say that Eddie and he connected immediately and that they enjoyed experimenting with each other’s guitars and jam together.

Here’s what Ted Nugent said about the passing of Eddie Van Halen and their relationship:

“It’s always a heartbreaker. Us older guys are dropping like flies out there and we will never get past the impact of losing the masterful virtuosity of Eddie Van Halen. I think I would just be redundant to repeat what a sweetheart he was, what a gifted visionary musical genius he was.

And a lot of people go ahead and say their first tour was with Black Sabbath. Well, that’s not true. Their first tour was opening up for me. And it was the whole band. David [Lee Roth] and Michael [Anthony], and Alex [Van Halen] and Eddie were just the definition of killer, uninhibited, irreverent firestorm rock n’ roll.”

He went on to say:

“And Eddie and I connected immediately because I use the Gibson Byrdland, which is a really unique guitar in the world of rock ‘n’ roll, I’m the only guy, and Eddie, of course, created his own guitars. So we got together the very first soundcheck, and I played through his rig, then I played my Byrdland through his rig, and he played my rig, then he played his Eddie Van Halen guitar through my Fender amps.

And every time we did any combination thereof, he sounded like Eddie and I sounded like Ted. And we had a great conversation a great relationship.”

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