The singer and songwriter Ted Nugent has posted yet another controversial picture of his bear-hunt that lead to some intriguing discoveries among his followers.

Yesterday the conservative political activist shared a picture on his Instagram account with his son, Toby Nugent, displaying his bloody arrows right after hunting down a black bear. Some of the supporters of the former lead guitarist of The Amboy Dukes, however, reached a curious consensus.

Here is what he captioned in his post:

“With more black bear in North America than ever recorded in history and more than 100,000 harvested annually, this majestic creature possesses and delivers a powerful spirit, rug, and some of the best venison on earth!

Say hallelujah for a beautiful effervescent mystical flight of my arrow! Son Toby and I shared a father-son out of body spirit of the wild magic time together. Happy happy fall, everybody!”

The father of two sons and three daughters, Nugent, justifies the controversial set of photographs he shared on his Instagram by remarking the overgrowth of black bears in Northern America as well as touching on the ‘quality time’ they spent with his son.

Nugent’s highly-questionable post aside, the followers’ comments drew attention to the extent of resemblance father and son possessed, claiming that they are the spitting image of each other. Some went as far as to suggest that they are just like ‘twins.’

You can check out Nugent’s Instagram post below.