In a recent interview, rock music veteran Ted Nugent sparked a feud with Mötley Crüe’s Tommy Lee by calling him ‘a domestic violence heroin addict,’ but Lee didn’t remain silent on the accusations and claimed he thought Ted died years ago.

The famous rock musician Ted Nugent joined a new episode of ex-Van Halen singer Sammy Hagar‘s TV show named ‘Rock & Roll Road Trip With Sammy Hagar.’ Following his participation in the show, Nugent appeared in an interview with Blunt Force Truth and talked about how he was disturbed by the attitudes of the producers during the shooting.

According to Ted Nugent’s claims, the producers didn’t let Sammy Hagar go near Ted since they thought he might be dangerous and he added:

“Sammy Hagar just came out, and we shot footage for his ‘Rock & Roll Road Trip’ on AXS TV. The producers wouldn’t let him near me, even though he and I go way back; we’re dear friends. They thought I was dangerous, that I’d come out with a machine gun or I’d slaughter an innocent fawn on television. This is stupidity!

Furthermore, during the interview, Nugent claimed that it was stupid to protect Sammy from him while the same producers did nothing about Tommy Lee‘s presence around him in a previous episode. Ted stated that Tommy would have been even more dangerous since he was ‘a convicted felon’ and ‘a domestic violence heroin addict.’

Here’s what Ted Nugent stated about Tommy Lee:

“I said, ‘So your producers were afraid of me, but they did a show with Tommy Lee, who’s a convicted felon, a domestic violence heroin addict.’ They’re okay with this guy, but not with the Ted Nugent ‘Kamp For Kids’ charity, teaching kids to be clean and sober.

I said, ‘Sammy, coldcock those sons of bitches and get out and let’s do the show.’ So, finally, they dangerously acquiesced, and we did the number one Sammy Hagar ‘Rock & Roll Road Trip’ show.”

Following Ted Nugent’s statements about Tommy Lee, the iconic Mötley Crüe drummer responded with a tweet he posted on his official Twitter account. In his tweet, Tommy claimed that he wasn’t even aware Ted Nugent was still alive since he thought Ted shot himself 20 years ago.

Here’s how Tommy Lee fought back in his latest tweet:

“Ted Nugent? Is that gut event still alive? I thought he shot himself like 20 years ago.”

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You can also see the tweet Tommy Lee posted on his twitter account below.