Ted Nugent, the famous rock singer/songwriter and conservative political activist, has mocked the people who argued not having Thanksgiving dinner this year due to the ongoing pandemic through a Marilyn Manson meme.

As you might recall, the great rock veteran, Ted Nugent, spoke up for his right to celebrate Thanksgiving on the new episode of Ted Nugent’s Spirit Campfire show a few days ago. Within the conversation, Nugent criticized the government over the newly employed restrictions on how Thanksgiving will be celebrated this year.

In the past weeks, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention urged Americans not to travel for Thanksgiving amid the pandemic. The organization indicated to celebrate virtually or with the people you live with as the safest choice this Thanksgiving.

However, Ted Nugent, who has been displaying his anger towards the new regulations, has recently taken Facebook to show his reaction by posting a photo of Marilyn Manson, looking out of the window pretty pissed off.

In the caption of this quite meme-able picture, Manson is likened to a typical unemployed neighbor who thinks everyone is a fascist and is ready to rat on others for having Thanksgiving dinner with their family.

Here’s what was said in the photo of Marilyn Manson that Ted Nugent shared:

“Your unemployed neighbor who thinks everyone is a fascist is ready to rat on you for having Thanksgiving dinner with your family.”

You can see the post below.

Posted by Ted Nugent on Monday, November 23, 2020