Ted Nugent, the great guitarist and a famous political activist, has referred to the iconic Aerosmith frontman, Steven Tyler while clarifying the rumors spread by his haters about adopting a 12-year-old kid to have sex with.

During the latest interview, he gave on Rock Talk With Mitch Lafon, the veteran rocker, Ted Nugent, has raged against his haters who claim lots of things about himself from being racist, and homophobic to anti-semite.

Nugent mentioned that his haters even alleged him with adopting a little girl to have sex with. At this point, the guitarist pointed out the fact that not he himself, but his fellow musician, Steven Tyler once adopted a teenager for that reason.

As you may know, in the 1970s, Tyler met his 16 years old fan, Julia Holcomb, whom he fell in love with at first sight. In his late 20s back then, Aerosmith star asked Julia’s mother to sign over legal guardianship to him so as to have her by his side throughout the tour.

In the third year of their relationship, Holcomb got pregnant with Tyler’s child. As the couple had been planning to marry, Steven changed his attitude towards Julia and pressured her to get an abortion. According to Holcomb, Steven Tyler sat beside her in the hospital during the operation and offered her cocaine.

Here’s what Ted Nugent said about his haters:

“By the way Mitch, I thank you because you have balls to have me on because I’m ‘controversial’ because I believe in God, family, country, freedom, independence, and law and order. Well, that’s some radical stuff! Thank you for having the balls to take on somebody that the hippies can’t stand.

But you know who hates me? Bad people hate me. You know who complains about you doing an interview with me? Bad people! They’re bad. They’re not open. They will take my love for the indigenous people to help them get on track to be stronger and healthier, they’ll take that as hate. That’s insane. My haters are insane.

They got to be high for a long long extended period to be that stupid. Let me make a statement so it’s on record I’ve done it before. I’ve read the lies and the hate leveled at me. They claim I dissed the native Americans. Never in my life.”

He continued:

“I called the American Communist Party that protested my concert in Connecticut and New Jersey years ago, I called them unclean vermin. My radar is pretty accurate. I could smell them, which would indicate unclean. They had American Communist regalia, that would make them vermin.

The Huffington Post or the hateful media of fake news punks literally took that statement against the communist stinkers that were protesting my counsel, like four of them. There were four unclean vermin stinkers. Communist Party guys. They actually claimed that I said about the native Americans.

So the songs, ‘Great White Buffalo,’ ‘Geronimo and Me,’ ‘Spirit of the Wild,’ ‘Spirit of the Buffalo,’ all these songs, showing reverence for my relationship with the indigenous people, that doesn’t matter. And racist? I’m anything but a racist.

I’m the most anti-racist person that has ever walked this side of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. That’s quite a bold statement, I stand by it. They claim I’m anti-semite. Maybe they should have one of my hundreds of Jewish friends, I’m anti-semite.”

Nugent went on to answer claims about adopting a teenager to have sex with:

“They claim I’m homophobic. Maybe they should ask some of my gay buddies if I’m homophobic. They literally go into the most hateful arena. They claim, I’ve actually seen it where they claim I adopted a 12-year-old girl to have sex with.

They were probably thinking Steven Tyler, she was 16, but you know they don’t attack him because I guess he’s not on the board of the NRA and he didn’t kill a deer with his bow and arrow this morning.

I love Steven, I think Steven is one of the greatest guys that ever lived. But, you see what I mean. They are so commie-inspired that when a guy stands up for conservative Christian values, they go into a berserk hissy fit mode.

Here’s a little message to them. Fuck you! You dirtbag scum. You, people, hate me! You’re unclean vermin! Try that on for size and dial 1-800-numbnut and maybe Michael Moore will invite you to his poop party.”

Check out the full conversation below.