American rock veteran Ted Nugent has made a new official announcement on his Facebook account and gave a new update about his signed Donald Trump merch such as hats, guitars, drum sticks, and etc.

As you already know, Ted Nugent is a die-hard fan of Donald Trump and showing his admiration and support to him on every social media platform.

Today, Ted wrote on Facebook:

“Now that the commie punks at Facebook are limiting my truth logic commonsense we the people reach, spread the good word far&wide that you can get the hat and Nugent goodies at- also from George Britton 727-488-8699 or Mark Ditzel 517-563-2805. Go nuts! “

In the comment section of the Facebook post, Ted gets involved in a serious argument with a fan and Facebook user named Dan Ball. 

Dan said:

I got the hat and stickers, not the picture. Bummer. I’ll be sporting the hat at Bowfest in Wisconsin unless they shit it down!”

Ted responded:

“It’s shutdown dammit!!”

Dan wrote again:

“Son of a…now I’m pissed off…I see Ted every time he comes to the Twin Cities…ugh… I’m so triggered! Jam on, brother!”

Ted replied:

“You cannot imagine how pissed off we are! Dammit anyway!”

You can reach the original Facebook post here.