The famous guitarist and singer Ted Nugent joined by Fox Nation during a usual hunting day and he had something to say for those who criticized his wild lifestyle.

As you might remember, the rock ‘n’ roll legend Ted Nugent was also known for his fondness of wildlife and hunting. He has been showing his love for being in nature and hunting animals often on social media.

Recently, Ted Nugent welcomed Johnny Jones from the Fox Nation in his Texas ranch. In the interview, Ted talked about his favorite weapons which were bow and arrow. He also declared his ‘hobby’ as being a better way of blowing off steam compared to his peers’ alcohol and drug addiction:

“A lot of my so-called peers… they’ve got high and drunk and stoned in a scramble to escape the pulsations of the music because it’s not easy. And I go to the woods.

By the time I got here, no music, no nothing. I’m a samurai. I’m Bruce Lee with a sharp stick, momentarily.”

Additionally, Ted stated how proud he was about being a hunter and defended his love of hunting wild animals as a beneficial act for everyone:

“Everybody wins. Society wins. The good earth wins. The wildlife wins. Our barbecue wins and our happiness factor wins.

So I’m so proud of being a hunter — that there’s nothing that is more beneficial to the environment than the outdoor lifestyle.”

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