Rock music veteran and former Damn Yankees star, Ted Nugent, made a new live stream on his both YouTube and Facebook accounts simultaneously to talk about the musicians who offered him booze and drugs and what was his reaction.

You may already familiar with Ted’s career and personal life, he’s one of the most popular figures of the anti-alcohol and drugs movement in the music scene. According to his earlier statements, he never used drugs or drank alcohol for his whole life and claims that he will never try any of them until he dies.

At the end of the last year, Nugent made yet another live stream on his Facebook page and claimed that drugs, alcohol, tobacco, and garbage food will turn everyone into a stinky zombie. Today, in his latest stream, Ted recalled the days that stars in the music scene offered him booze and drugs in his earlier career.

In the live stream, Ted claimed that back in the ’60s, the legendary guitarist Jimi Hendrix offered him a dope (cannabis) and he rejected it right away. He also recalled the times AC/DC star Bon Scott was drunk all time and how he wanted him to try whiskey while they were recording ‘Highway To Hell’ in 1979.

Here is Ted’s statement on his latest video:

“A lot of my musical heroes, some of the greatest, most talented, gifted people on the planet, they would get higher and higher because initially, they couldn’t manage the intensity of artistry. And the more you get high, the dumber you get, and the dumber the decisions you make, and then they gag on their own vomit and they’re dead.

I said, ‘No, thanks. No way.’ Let me also mention Bon Scott — what a gifted monster, huh? Bon Scott of AC/DC offered me all his Jack Daniel’s. We were at the recording studio in Miami, at Criteria Sound. I was recording ‘Weekend Warriors’ — it must have been ’79 — and they were recording ‘Highway To Hell’. We used to do gigs together all the time. And he was always drunk. He would always go, ‘Nugent, here. Have some of this. It’ll loosen you up.’ Like I need to be looser.

He can’t imagine how loose a human being can be because the whisky has fogged his sensibilities. I am the loose guy; you’re the drooling guy. Drooling isn’t loose. Stumbling isn’t loose. Puking isn’t loose. And dying isn’t loose.”

You can check out the video of Nugent right below.