The veteran rocker and a devoted Trump supporter, Ted Nugent has opened up about the impacts of bowhunting within his life since he first started the occupation at the age of 5, and spoken about his faith in God in a recent talk show.

During his latest appearance on ‘America This Week with Eric Bolling,’ Ted Nugent, who is a dedicated advocate of hunting, has revealed how he managed to maintain a clean lifestyle, away from all kinds of drugs, alcohol, or tobacco throughout his whole life.

Within the course of the chat, Nugent explained that his faith in God and the discipline of bowhunting saved him from a downfall, that is unfortunately experienced by lots of rock and roll legends. He said that, as a hunter, you have to be ‘cocked, locked, and ready to rock the clock doc’ to get close to a deer with a sharp stick.

Through the vigor provided for Nugent by hunting, he said he avoided the lie, the nonsense of peer pressure. However, some of his friends, heroes, and musical inspirations fell into this pit. Nugent acknowledged this fact during the conversation and admitted that he experienced some really heartbreaking times because of that.

Here’s what Ted Nugent said during the interview:

“Well, it’s always upbeat. And of course, I live on Planet Earth with my fellow humans, so there’s always gonna be good, bad, and ugly, and sure, there’s been some heartbreaking times. But fortunately, Eric, and I keep emphasizing the discipline of archery and the bowhunting lifestyle.

That connection with God’s miraculous renewable Creation, that feeds my family – the clothing, the tools, the medicine, the homes, the weapons. It all comes from God’s pantry.

And that guided me to remain clean and sober my entire life. I have never messed with drugs or alcohol or tobacco or stupid food. As a hunter, you have to be cocked, locked, and ready to rock the clock doc to get close to a deer with a sharp stick. So that guided me to avoid the lie, the nonsense of peer pressure.”

He continued:

“The heartbreak came from my dear friends and heroes, and musical inspirations, that decided to do this thing that they called a party, which included puking and drooling and dying.

So being clean and sober, I think my heartbreak at witnessing my friends and my heroes indulge in the poisons and the chemicals and die, those are dark times.

I was able to surround myself with such wonderful virtuosos. So I’ve always optimized the quality of life. And that starts with being clean and sober.”

Check out the rest of the conversation below.