Ted Nugent surfaced a previous interview on his Ted Nugent Spirit Of The Wind Facebook page. As seen in the interview done by Fox News, the musician has considered running for office.

As you know, Ted Nugent is quite straightforward when it comes to his political views. He is a conservative and a vocal supporter of the Republican Party and former President Donald Trump. On the other hand, Nugent has made numerous statements criticizing former President Barack Obama. One of these even got him into trouble as it led the Secret Service to investigate him.

In the past, Nugent also harshly criticized Michigan governor Jennifer Granholm and made several statements about running for governor of Michigan. In the 2000s, many speculated Nugent would run office. Although he often implied he was considering it, he never sought the office.

In the video Nugent posted on his Facebook page, ‘Ted Nugent Spirit Of The Wind,’ he talked about the same subject again. During the interview, a fan from Michigan asked Nugent if he ever considered running for office. Uncle Ted responded by saying that there is no limit to what he can do to help make the U.S. great, especially his birth state Michigan.

In the video he posted on Ted Nugent Spirit Of The Wind Facebook page, Ted Nugent stated that:

“Well, I’m a terminal ‘We The People’ American patriot, and I think I’m doing the most important political job in the world. That is participating in this sacred experiment of self-government and demanding constitutional accountability from our elected employees.

That being said, at the tender age of 69, there is no limit to what I’d be willing to do to help make this country great. Especially my great birth state of Michigan, which needs some work right now. We love you.”

You can check out the rest of the video below.