Ted Nugent attended an interview on The Real Music Observer YouTube channel and answered some questions regarding music ethics. While stating that he is a big music fan, Nugent mentioned how much he admires Mick Jagger’s work ethic.

Although Nugent has recently been in the public eye as a strong commentator on American politics, he is also a very successful guitar player. Before he ventured into politics as a strong advocate for the Republican Party, he had established a music career starting with The Amboy Dukes.

Kicking off his career with the band, which was formed in 1964, the members later became Nugent’s backing band. In this way, Nugent started developing his solo career and became a guitar hero for rock and roll fans. He currently often goes live on his Facebook account and plays the guitar for his fans while discussing politics. However, he also talks about music and musicians in his interviews.

In his recent conversation, Nugent talked about musicians’ work ethic. He made an immediate connection between one’s work ethic and their fame by stating that bands like Aerosmith, ZZ Top, and the Stones have hits because they have established a good work ethic. He praised the icon Mick Jagger’s approach to his music career and stated how much he admires him. Following that, Nugent asked, ‘What planet is Mick Jagger from?’

Here is what he said about Mick Jagger:

“My point being is that you identified something that people who seek authoritative music demand. And that’s why there’s such thing as hit records most of the time, because of the work ethic of Aerosmith, ZZ Top, or the Stones. Good God, what planet is Mick Jagger from? Their work ethic is never given, it’s just ‘do’ and as a guy that’s been playing music from Detroit… you talk about the believability factor. We do believe in it.

I am a bigger music fan than anybody. Before I’m a guitar player, I can’t get enough of this outrageous thing Chuck Berry, Bo Diddley, Little Richard, and Jerry Lee Lewis created this throttling, defiant middle finger on fire up at the electric guitar, thank you, Les Paul.”

You can watch the full interview below.

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