Rock veteran Ted Nugent shared his opinion about the tragic incident involving Alec Baldwin who killed a crew member by accident in the film set via his official Facebook account.

During the filming of the film titled ‘Rust,’ the well-known actor Alec Baldwin pulled the trigger of a prop gun and accidentally killed cinematographer Halyna Hutchins. Later on, it turned out that the gun was loaded with a real bullet.

Following the incident, many people started to question whether the gun was a prop or not, including Sebastian Bach who stated that he didn’t understand if a prop gun kills people, what exactly about a ‘prop gun’ is a ‘prop.’ Alec Baldwin also commented on the accident during the police questioning and stated that he didn’t know there was a real bullet inside the gun. He was released by the police soon later without charges filed.

Ted Nugent also wanted to share his thoughts about the incident during a live stream on his Facebook account. He claimed that Alec Baldwin is a dirty prick and a liar since he previously ‘attacked the good families of NRA who did nothing wrong and blame them when there was a school shooting.’

Nugent stated that this incident can’t be called an accident since someone pointed a gun at something and blew that thing up. Ted stated that this should be seen as negligence. Later on, Nugent said in the video that he is looking forward to learning what really happened there. He then stated that since Baldwin is a Liberal, the other Liberals will be covering for the actor. Ted added that no one will ever find out what happened for that reason.

Ted Nugent talked about the tragic incident in his Facebook Livestream as:

“I’m not gonna comment right now on the dirtbag that shot the guy with the prop gun, Alec Baldwin. We don’t know the details. But until we know the details, all I want to say is I know Alec Baldwin is just a nasty man.

He would attack the good families of NRA who did nothing wrong and blame us when there is a school shooting. So, we know he’s a liar and his brain is fried and he’s just a prick. But you know what we are gonna do for the brain-fried nasty rotten prick? We’re gonna pray for him until we find out the details of that terrible accident and if it was really an accident.

Because if you point a gun at something and you blow that thing up, it’s not an accident. That’s negligence. So, as big of a prick as Alec Baldwin is, we’re gonna pray for the prick. Because I know he’s hurt. Nobody wants to kill anybody in an unnecessary moment like that.

So, I can’t wait to find out what happened. But because he’s a Liberal prick and the media is controlled by the Liberal pricks and all the so-called justice in America is controlled by the Liberal pricks, for the most part, they’ll probably cover for the Alec prick. We’ll probably never find out what happened.

You can check out the video below.