During one of his live streams on Facebook, Ted Nugent responded to the people who claim that he’s encouraging people to be more violent.

Along with being a successful musician, Ted Nugent also expresses some controversial views on various topics such as gun ownership, hunting, politics, and racism. For instance, he made a recent remark saying that Black Lives Matter is a terrorist organization. Moreover, Nugent believes that racism does not exist and denies white supremacy in the United States.

Recently he made it to the headlines after he advised his followers to bear arms to protect themselves during these crazy times. According to Nugent, one who does not carry a gun is incredibly vulnerable, and it is irresponsible to do so.

Considering his much-debated views, Ted is now blamed for promoting violence. In his recent live stream on Facebook, Uncle Ted shouted out to the people accusing him of encouraging violence. He mentioned the Pearl Harbor and Nagasaki attacks, implying that he has the right to counteract them. Moreover, he also implied that no one can take away his right to freedom of speech.

Ted Nugent said in his Facebook Livestream that:

“If somebody thinks that I’m promoting violence or defiance, here’s a good idea. You Pearl Harbor me, I Nagasaki you! That’s perfect. That’s justice. You come to Concord Bridge to take away my freedom… [makes a farting sound] Right in the face!”

You can watch the rest of the live stream below.