Rock veteran Ted Nugent mentioned some of the most annoying untrue news written about him during a recent interview with Smashing Interviews Magazine.

Ted Nugent isn’t only known as one of the best rock stars and as a Republican advocator in the United States. In Donald Trump’s candidacy, Nugent remarked his support for him and the Republican party. Around this time, some reports emerged that he was a draft dodger because he did not participate in the Vietnam War.

Also, the conversation in which he talked about what he did in order not to pass the physical exam in the military had an impact on these allegations. However, Nugent stated that it was a made-up story for fun, which was an issue with another band member. 

During a recent interview, when Ted Nugent was asked which one of the false news was the most annoying for him, he referred to three of them. Nugent said that he had never adopted a girl. The rocker said he had never used any bad words toward Native Americans. Nugent also indicated that he is neither racist nor homophobic. Lastly, he mentioned that he is not a draft dodger.

Here is what he said in the interview:

“How about everything from the media about me is untrue! Number one, I’ve never adopted a girl. Number two, I’ve never said a bad word about the Native Americans. Number three, I did not avoid the draft. I have never sh*t in my pants since I was potty trained at age one. Let’s see what else.

I’m not a racist. I’m not a homophobe. Maybe you could ask my gay friends. Maybe you could ask my black bass player or my Mexican bass player. Since they can’t debate me, they always go back to the hate and the lies. So all those nasty, nasty things are 100% false.”

Ted Nugent is a rock star who stands out with his political views and music. In addition to being talked about for his music, he also remains on the agenda with the news about him. Every fan of his knows that Nugent does not neglect to show his reaction to this news.