Famous Rock music veteran, Ted Nugent shared a new photo on his official and verified Instagram page and praised the law-enforcement military agency by beautiful words.

Ted Nugent also sent his respects to the hero warriors of America.

Here is what Ted wrote:

“I am inspired by a lot of wonderful things and connecting with the heroes of law-enforcement military and first responders is beyond the dream.

Salute to the hero warriors of America!

An Instagram user named spencer_r_rich made the most-liked comment:

“Ted, I was denied entry to your Melbourne, Florida show in the publicly-owned (by the city) Melbourne auditorium because I was concealed carrying my completely legal firearm with my valid Florida CWFL. Whatever private security your event hired, they tried to enforce their policies in violation of Florida law.

I’ve tried contacting you directly via your site and social media but no luck. You’re such a 2nd Amendment supporter, I want to tell you exactly what happened with audio recordings of the entire incident because I feel you’re not being told every one of your concert-goers are being disarmed to enter the concert, regardless of the fact Florida state law authorizes me to carry into publicly owned properties being leased for events to private organizations.

I NEED to get in touch with you ASAP!”

You can see Ted’s post below.