Ted Nugent recently joined David Nino Rodriguez for an interview during which he explained what is the world’s most important thing according to him.

Kid Rock and Ted Nugent have been long-time friends who share the same controversial views on matters such as politics, hunting, and the pandemic. In April 2017, the pair even visited former President Donald Trump in the Oval Office and spent some time with him to celebrate his victory.

Moreover, Kid Rock is also a big fan of Ted Nugent as he pays respect to his friend on every possible occasion, like performing his songs such as the time he played ‘Cat Scratch Fever’ as a tribute to Uncle Ted. Back in 2015, Nugent joined Kid Rock on the stage during a Detroit show.

In an interview with David Nino Rodriguez, Ted Nugent revealed his thoughts about Kid Rock and praised the musician. He then argued that we live in a world where all people get up early and work all day to be in the asset column for their family.

Nugent then stated that he and Kid Rock share ‘the middle finger of independence.’ He then said the most crucial thing in the world is critical thinking, and anything status quo must be scrutinized as they are horrible for the American Dream.

During the conversation, Ted Nugent said the following:

“I think being raised in the Motor City; I would like to think, since Kid Rock likes really soulful, pounding, grinding music. I think he might have been paying attention to Uncle Ted over the years, and that’s why he’s got his middle finger on fire.

Because he’s an entrepreneur, he has a great work ethic. He is really unbelievably creative in his art, and he surrounds himself with virtuosos and other creative entrepreneurial-type individuals.”

He then continued:

“So, that’s the world I live in, that’s the world you live in, that’s the world Kid Rock lives in, that’s the world all the people in the asset column… People who get up early that rush hour pain the ass. They do it every day because they want to be in the asset column for their family.

Kid Rock and I share that middle finger of independence. And the most important thing on the planet: critical thinking. Anything status quo or standard operating procedure must be scrutinized, and you will learn to dismiss it because everything status quo is horrible for the American Dream. And that’s what Kid Rock represents.”

You can watch the rest of the interview below.