Rock music veteran and former Damn Yankees guitarist, Ted Nugent, had recently been interviewed by ‘Bolling With Favre’ of Podcast One this week and shared the story of how he decided to name his upcoming record with the help of Donald Trump.

In an almost an hour-long podcast, Ted Nugent talked about his musical influences, his passion for hunting, and his take on politics. He shared the title of his upcoming album as ‘Handsome Devil’ for the first time ever and also explained how the former United States President Donald Trump helped him to name it in Michigan.

As you may already know, Ted is a die-hard Donald Trump supporter and joined many rallies of the former president during the campaign. According to Ted, in Michigan, Trump shouted out to Uncle Ted on stage and called him a handsome devil. Ted stated that right that moment, he decided that his new record will be called ‘Handsome Devil.’

Here is the story of the name of the album by Ted Nugent:

“When we were in Michigan, we did these rallies the unprecedented rallies of 25 thousand, 30 thousand people that were chanting, ‘We love you! We love you! We love you!’

The only time it’s ever happened in history, because here came a hell-raising president, a ‘we the people’, constitutional, businessman president that secured the border, that reduced crime rates, that reduced unemployment, that renegotiated global contracts to actually benefit America.”

He continued:

“Just a great, great man, a great president. And I’m in the audience, ’cause I would promote these events. And we really escalated the attendance, because Uncle Ted, especially in the winter wonderland of Michigan… And he would always acknowledge me.

‘Where’s that Ted Nugent? Well, there he is. Ted, we’re so glad you’re here. You know you’re a handsome devil.’ And I go, ‘Whatever.’ And so my new record’s gonna be called Ted Nugent ‘Handsome Devil’. And we actually have the audio of the president saying that.”

You can watch the interview below.

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