American rock music star and also known as a die-hard political activist, Ted Nugent, had a recent conversation with his son and also musician Rocco Nugent this week and talked about why he’s not keen on drinking alcohol or using drugs for over 70 years.

As the whole industry knows, Ted Nugent is very famous for his anti-drug and alcohol attitude for many years. According to Ted himself, he is clean and staying away from drugs and alcohol for his entire lifetime. He also claims that he will never try any alcohol or drug until the day he will die.

In his latest conversation with Rocco, Ted Nugent admitted that his dad and mother were alcoholics and that was one of the main reasons he’s staying away from using them for a long time.

Here is what he said:

“My mom and dad were alcoholics. I didn’t know they were alcoholics. I thought they just had a Tom Collins [cocktail] every night — whatever the hell that is — or a martini with olives…

So my mom and dad were smoking, drinking alcoholics. And I was surrounded, in the rock and roll world, by smoking, drinking, drugged idiots.”

He continued:

“So what’s the difference between a person that falls for that versus a person who defies that? I haven’t the faintest idea because I think God gave all of us everything we need.

Some people look for an easy way out, and some people don’t. I didn’t. I think it was just shit luck. ‘Cause my brothers and sisters smoked and drank, and they didn’t even surround themselves with goofball rock and roll dirtbags. I did.”

You can watch the video below.

Posted by Ted Nugent on Tuesday, February 2, 2021

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