The legendary singer Ted Nugent shared a video on his official Facebook page and it is rare footage of a television interview in 1981. Nugent basically talks about his children’s career choices and his choice of staying clean and away from drugs and alcohol during the interview.

Ted Nugent is known for not using drugs and not drinking alcohol and referring to this as a key to his success and a full experience of his life. On his official website, Nugent published an article named Don’t Be A Thug: My 8 Rules For Success, and advised people to stay clean and sober and also stay away from those who do drugs and drink alcohol.

Here is what Nugent said about staying sober:

Stay clean and sober. Drugs, alcohol, tobacco, and garbage food will turn you into a stumbling, stinky zombie. Only stumbling, stinky zombie stoners don’t know this. Avoid stoners and zombies, for they are losers every time.”

Recently Ted Nugent shared an old interview on his official Facebook page and during the interview, Nugent talks about staying clean once again and also he explains the reason why.

He stated that in order to fully experience his journey, he should stay clean and his deduction comes from the people that used drugs and alcohol.

Here is what Nugent said in 1981:

“I like to maximize my experience, in order to do that you gotta keep your eyes open and your ears well too, and you gotta have your taste coordinated with your sense of touch so that everything can be experienced.

And I found out through observation luckily that these individuals that I have encountered over all my career take have partaken whether it’s an excessive amount of alcohol or excessive drugs have not had the level of awareness that I desire. And I have never done any drugs and I never will do any drugs.”

You can see the Facebook post and Youtube video below.

Not much has changed! I still preach to be passionate, work hard, and don’t do drugs!Happy Friday!

Gepostet von Ted Nugent am Freitag, 9. Oktober 2020