Iconic Rock music veteran Ted Nugent shared a new photo of him on his official Instagram account and showed the rare moments he had, visiting his friends who work in the New York Police Department Emergency Service.

Ted Nugent also revealed that he is living his blessed American Dream every day of his life.

Here is Ted’s statement:

“I am honored & humbled beyond belief to hang with the hero warriors of law enforcement & military every damn day of my blessed American Dream.

Spent the whole day with NYPD blood brothers reminding them how the good families of America cherish & appreciate their dedication to safe streets & neighborhoods in spite of the fake news & hate from the treasonous support of thugs by soulless bureaucrats.

Godspeed the warriors!”

maestra821 made an interesting comment:

“Thanks for stopping by today Ted. It means a lot to us.

One of our guys got hurt chasing a perp 10 minutes after you left! 😢”

You can see the photo below.