Rock veteran Ted Nugent spoke in an interview with a podcast called Music Mania, and revealed what he really thinks about Donald Trump and his presidential.

He claimed that ‘Donald Trump is the best president he have ever seen’. here’s the entire statement:

“I’m a celebrator of all things good while I fight and try to destroy all things bad and ugly. I’ll be 71 glowing, youthful years old this year — 71! Count them. And in my 71 years — I suspect I was paying attention by 1949 — this is the best president I have ever seen. This is a hell-raisin’, we the people, Constitution, Bill Of Rights, be the best that you can be.

Here’s the battle cry of my favorite president: America first. Woah! That’s radical. Woah! America first. That’s controversial — in Cuba”

He continued:

“Anyhow, yeah, I think Donald Trump’s doing a great job. He represents the heart and soul of the heart and soul of this country — the heartland of this country: the farmers, the ranchers, the private property owners, the entrepreneurs, working-hard, playing-hard Americans who earn their own way, live within their means, save for a rainy day, take risks and make sacrifices to be in the asset column.

Yeah, all those really perfect things are controversial, which means we’ve got a bunch of numbnuts in the Democratic party who clearly don’t believe in ‘America first.'”

You can listen to the entire interview below. Click here for the source (Blabbermouth).