VVeteran rock star Ted Nugent took to his official Facebook account to share his thoughts about President Donald Trump and revealed why he decided to vote for Trump once again.

While mentioning Trump’s terms to rule the United States of America, he revealed some of the details that appealing to him and stated that Trump can make the United States great again.

Furthermore, Ted claimed that Trump prevented millions of deaths with the expedient crushing actions against the coronavirus, which he called the communist Chinese virus, and said that a vaccine for this virus at the horizon.

While showing the reasons why he voted for, Ted Nugent showed his support to Donald Trump once again and called everybody to stand with the 45th president of the United States of America.

Here is what Ted Nugent said:

“Donald Trump has my vote. He has earned it but putting America first in his first term.

In his first term Mr. Trump expanded the economy, created jobs, cut taxes, and slashed burdensome regulations on businesses. As a result, unemployment fell to record lows.

Mr. Trump understands the engine of our republic is the private sector, not more government control, higher taxes, legions of paper-shuffling overpaid bureaucrats, and heaping mounds of bullshit regulations.”

He continued:

“He knows we will not make America even greater by embracing big, bigger, and biggest government scams & boondoggles. He understands the bloated, inefficient, and tremendously expensive Fedzilla is the problem, not the solution.

Like me & all smart Americans Mr. Trump has been an ardent supporter of law and order, law engorcement, the 2nd Amendment, and our military. He has appointed some 200 real judges who respect our constitution.”

Ted Nugent added:

“Through his expedient statusquo crushing actions, he possibly prevented a couple million deaths from the communist china virus attack. A vaccine is now on the near horizon.

Internationally, he has been tough on the Russians and the Chinese. He withdrew us from wickedly dumb Paris Accords, the Iran Nuclear deal, and negotiated trade agreements that put America first.

We can expect making America even greater in a second Trump term. Stand with this great man.”

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Donald Trump has my vote. He has earned it but putting America first in his first term. In his first term Mr. Trump…

Posted by Ted Nugent on Monday, October 26, 2020