Ted Nugent has streamed a new live video on his Facebook page in which he claimed that Black Lives Matter is a terrorist organization.

As you know, Black Lives Matter is a social and political movement that stands against police brutality and violence motivated by racism against black people. Back in July 2013, the movement emerged with the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter on social media platforms.

The movement started to become widely recognized following the acquittal of George Zimmerman, who shot the African-American teen Travyon Martin dead in February 2012. From then on, especially after the global George Floyd protests in 2020, BLM gained international attention.

However, although BLM is supported by many, there are also negative views on the movement. For instance, Ted Nugent has claimed BLM supporters are terrorists in most of his statements. The right-wing rocker stated there is no systematic racism in the United States and BLM supporters are the terrorists who burn down cities and destroy things. He also blamed them for the 2021 Capitol riot and said they wore Trump t-shirts and hats during the attack.

Speaking during a recent Facebook live stream, Ted claimed that BLM is a terrorist organization once again. In the live video, he said that every agency of the U.S. government is untrustworthy. Nugent then argued that one cannot trust the government because the U.S Air Force supports BLM, a clear-cut terrorist organization.

Ted Nugent said in his Facebook live stream that:

“It’s treacherous out there. This president, every agency of the United States government is virtually untrustworthy. I don’t want to say that, and worse than not wanting to say it, I sure wish it wasn’t true. Who can you trust? You can’t trust the FBI, the ATF, the FDA, the CDC, or the U.S. Fish Or Wildlife Service. You can’t trust any of them. It’s like they went to the school of lies.

If you want more proof that you can’t trust the government, word has it, and I’m fighting the treachery of what I’m being told in reading that the United States Air Force military is now teaching inclusion of a terrorist organization. You know, they say their ‘black lives matter,’ but they’re just the opposite of that.

Black Lives Matter is a clear-cut terrorist organization. The ones that burnt down Seattle, Portland, Atlanta, Chicago, and New York, so they are teaching the cadets, the recruits of the United States Air Force to embrace the terrorist organization of Black Lives Matter. Holy shit!”

You can check out the full live video below.