Rock veteran and singer-guitarist, Ted Nugent, posted an eight-minute-long video on his official Instagram account and showed his support to Donald Trump once again.

In the video, Ted mentioned the danger of the Marxist people and said that the people of the United States should stand together more than ever. Also, Ted revealed that he is working so hard these days to re-elect Trump in the upcoming election.

Furthermore, Ted claimed that Donald Trump is the Michael The Archangel of the county, and the United States would be turned into Venezuela without him. In this way, Ted showed his support to Trump once again and explained why he loves Trump this much.

Here is what Ted Nugent said:

“Thank you for celebrating the freedom battle cry shit-kicker we the people, keep America great in spite of the dirty Marxist enemy that runs amok out there. Now that we have the Democrat candidates for president and vice president, Bonnie and Clyde, now we’ve gotta stand stronger than ever.

Some of my buddies wanted these hats, so we made some. We started signing ’em. And if you go to my web site, you can get these hats. We had an Independence Day sale on the hat.

And I go to work every day just for you guys, and I sign ’em all day long, because we’ve gotta re-elect that motherfucker. I’m telling ya, the devil is against us.”

He continued:

“Donald Trump, President Donald Trump, is Michael The Archangel of we the people, the sacred experiment in self-government, the U.S. Constitution and Bill Of Rights.

And if you wanna give it all up, if you wanna turn into a suburb of Venezuela, like San Francisco and like Portland and Seattle and like Austin, Texas, and like Minneapolis and Atlanta and Chicago — Chicago… If you want the whole country to be run like Chicago, then vote for Bonnie and Clyde.”

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