Ted Nugent targeted Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg once again by calling him ‘Dumb’ in his recent live stream on Facebook. Also, he thinks that he will be banned due to his harsh words.

As you probably know, Nugent previously criticized Facebook, saying that it is ‘an anti-American boat’ even though he often uses the platform to reflect his thoughts on America’s problems and connect with his fans who want to hear his ideas.

Ted Nugent explained his views on this matter and said that he would continue to use Facebook to fight demonic Democrats for the sake of the good Americans. Then, he continued to target Zuckerberg and his team due to their censorship policies and defined them as ‘Nazi-like fact-checkers.’

During his recent live stream, Nugent emphasized that Zuckerberg will ban him from the platform after his harsh words about him and Facebook. He said that the Facebook founder is a dumb person stealing people’s personal information to control their thoughts and action. As he couldn’t remember the name of Facebook’s founder, and mockingly called him Jimmy.

In Nugent’s words, he said:

“I have been shocked of from the entire social media. Zuck f’ck lately… He’s probably gonna ban me again. What was his first name? Jimmy Zuckerberg? Jimmy Zuck! You dumb Zuck. Hey, listen! Jim, Marky. Take a deep breath and relax. You aren’t smart that you think you are. 

When you try to look smart, you really look stupid. Just take a deep breath and be kind. If you are really want to be kind, honest, and friendly, positive to the world around you, you have us by the economic scrotum, we’ll glad you to have us. You are a genius guy. This thing I have got on my phone is a really brilliant invention.

This thing I have in my hand. Some Chinese virus… Wuhan! There is no campfire like this. you know what? The fact that some punks can control your life through this apparatus. They know your personal information, medical history, legal information, and family.

How dare any other human being even seek that! So you are all big tech guys who intentionally think that you can control all the personal information of the good Americans. F’ck you! You are bad people.

It looks like Ted Nugent will continue to slam Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg by accusing them of manipulating American people even though he claims that these statements might get him permanently banned.