Ted Nugent revealed the release date of his upcoming album in a recent live stream on his official Facebook account. The musicians stated that he and Kid Rock would perform as headliners for an event he defines as making a statement.

Kid Rock and Ted Nugent have been great friends and hunting buddies for a very long time. They even visited former US President Donald Trump at the White House to celebrate his victory against the Democrats. Furthermore, Kid Rock has always reflected his respect and admiration for his great friend, even during concerts.

The musician has performed Nugent’s hit song ‘Cat Scratch Fever,’  released on his third studio album with the same name, in his performances as a tribute to the Handsome Devil. Also, Nugent joined Kid Rock to jam together during some of his Detroit concerts in 2015 during Kid Rock’s First Kiss: Cheap Date Tour.

Recently, Nugent stated that he and Kid Rock would be headliners for Thunder Beach Spring Rally as a part of the Panama City Beach Bash, which will start on April 27, 2022. He added that he might share the stage with him. Then, the musicians stated that Kid Rock and he will make a statement with these shows, and he will release ‘Detroit Muscle’ on the same day of his performance.

In Nugent’s words, he said:

“‘Detroit Muscle’ album will be coming out on the same day Greg, Jason, and I unleash the greatest rhythm blues rock and roll fire breathing soundtrack ever, my songs. The Panama City, Florida, Friday, April 27 is the day ‘Detroit Muscle’ will be released. I think Panama is making a statement because they hired Ted Nugent to headline the Panama City Beach Bash on Friday, April 27.

They hired Kid Rock to headline on Saturday night, Ted Nugent on Friday, Kid Rock on Saturday. I think we’re making a statement. It includes a bumper crop of middle fingers that will probably ignite in Panama City with love. We’ll ignite the middle finger of love and play killer songs.”

You can listen to the song and one of Kid Rock’s performances below.

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