Ted Nugent has revealed in one of his live streams that his critical thinking gets him into trouble quite often.

As you may know, Ted Nugent occasionally posts live streams on both his Facebook and YouTube channels. In those streams, he talks about social and political matters as well as incidents related to the music industry. In addition to that, Nugent also plays his guitar and entertains his fans while talking about some key moments in his music career.

Ted Nugent rarely shies away from expressing his opinion and has quite a straightforward approach. Even when he delves into serious matters, Nugent does not hesitate to say what he really thinks. For that reason, he remains in the spotlight and is often widely criticized.

In a recent Facebook live stream, Ted Nugent said that the reason he has been attacked all his life is due to he is a critical thinker. Nugent also added another reason is that he gives a shit about what is going on around him and how it affects others’ lives.

Ted Nugent said during the Facebook Livestream that:

“As I explore uncharted tensions of intellectual probation, I lost track of which type of tension I am on. But you’re here because you give a shit. I’ve been attacked all my life, really. Because I give a shit, and I’m a critical thinker.”

Nugent then revealed his stance against substance use, while giving Joe Biden and Michael Moore as an example.

He said that:

“When somebody offers me drugs, alcohol, and tobacco, I look at the person offering it to me. They have spittle in the corner of their mouths, their eyes are half-closed, and they are struggling for a syllable. Like Michael Moore and Joe Biden.

So, when they offer me participation in an activity that produces the spittle in the corner of their mouth, I witness their stumbling, falling, gagging, and stink. Like Michael Moore and Joe Biden. Their criminal behavior.

After they die, I say ‘Well, you know what? That guy jumped off the same cliff that all those dead bodies jumped off of.’ I’m not jumping off that cliff no matter how hip you try to convince me that cliff jumping is!”

Ted Nugent posts his live streams on his YouTube channel under the title of ‘Nugefire.’ He also casually live-chats with his fans on his Facebook page, and while some criticize him for his views, there are also thousands who support him wholeheartedly.