Ted Nugent referred to the report published by the sustainability marketing company Yard in the latest episode of ‘The Nightly Nuge.’ He stated that he also has a very hefty carbon footprint.

The Green New Deal has been debated since President Franklin D. Roosevelt. The Green New Deal wants public policy to address climate change alongside other social goals such as job creation and reducing economic inequality. Although many people want to achieve this, they do not fulfill the obligations, such as leaving a smaller carbon footprint.

Many people have spoken up recently about celebrities who leave a large carbon footprint using their private jets. Yard, a UK-based sustainability marketing company, recently sparked controversy after publishing a report. This report featured Taylor Swift as the number 1 celebrity to use her private jet in 2022, more than any other celebrity. One of the people who criticized her was none other than Ted Nugent.

Nugent admitted that he has a huge carbon footprint because of his nightly private plane trips. However, he also claimed to fly over Texas, where there are more energy reserves than Saudi Arabia and Africa combined. He noted that even though liberals accept the Green New Deal, they don’t follow the rules that come along with it. Nugent also criticized Klaus Schwab for getting on private jets and limousines while disapproving of those who want to own pickup trucks. He finally added that their hypocrisy is toxic. 

Ted Nugent’s thoughts about carbon footprint:

“You can identify the insanity of the liberals who support the Green New Deal but pollute more in a single private jet flight than the average thousand American households. I’ve got a hell of a carbon footprint because I fly private every night too. But the thing is, I’m flying over Texas every night, where we have more energy reserves than all of Saudi Arabia and Africa combined.

[World Economic Forum founder] Klaus Schwab and the World Economic punks, as they’re going into their limousines and their private jets and they’ve got drivers, and they’ve got Mercedeses, and they’ve got the Rolls-Royces, they’re going to tell us we can’t own a pick-up truck. The hypocrisy is toxic.”

You can watch the latest edition of ‘The Nightly Nuge’ below.