Controversial rocker Ted Nugent recently answered a fan question during a live stream on his official YouTube channel. The musician revealed that he is not against the use of hemp as an agricultural product as it’s a viable source.

Industrial hemp is mainly grown for industrial or medicinal use, and it can be used to make various products. One of the fastest-growing plants on Earth, hemp can be refined into many commercial materials, such as clothing, paint, paper, textiles, and more.

Moreover, hemp is considered an environmentally friendly source as it requires much lesser land use and decreases the ecological footprint. However, due to its use as a narcotic substance, some governments only permit the use of hemp, which has an especially low THC content for commercial production.

Ted Nugent saw a follower’s question regarding hemp mid-sentence in one of his recent live streams. As it seems, the follower named Chuck asked the musician why he was against hemp. Nugent got quite irritated and began responding to the question angrily upon seeing this.

Nugent said he has always been for hemp and claimed the follower didn’t pay close attention to his previous statements. He then added that he promotes hemp as a viable agricultural product that is also environmentally friendly. Following that, Nugent stated hemp has unlimited pragmatic uses.

During the live stream, one of his followers asked Ted Nugent the following:

“Why are you against hemp?”

As a response, Ted Nugent said:

“Why am I against hemp? Chuck, you dumb f*ck. I’ve always been for hemp. You should probably pay close attention. I have been promoting hemp as a viable agricultural product that is good for the environment. It has unlimited utilitarian and pragmatic uses.”

You can watch the full video below.