Rock Veteran Ted Nugent talked about the two things that inspire him the most while writing and composing his hit records during his recent interview with Bushnell’s Matt Rice.

As you probably know, Ted Nugent has been interested in hunting and shooting alongside his professional career, which brought him great fame and commercial success. Also, Ted recently became Hunter Nation’s spokesperson and has been inviting his fans to check out its website.

In addition, Nugent has claimed that animals can’t have rights, and hunting has great benefits for both nature and humans. Although he has been heavily targeted by animal rights organizations, the Handsome Devil has continued expressing his controversial views on hunting and its advantages.

Therefore, it’s not surprising to hear that hunting has been one of his biggest muses while creating his songs. As for his second greatest source of inspiration, the musician said that it is sex.

In Nugent’s words, he said:

“I never sit down and write a song. I start picking my guitar, and songs happen. I have always got guitars and amps. I have always grabbed the guitar coming in from the hunt. Always clean the mug from the dogs, my shotgun and immediately grab my guitar. Every time since the 1950s, when I grab a guitar, patterns come out.

Because I’m approaching the guitar as a pure soul because I just cleansed my soul with the healing powers of nature, so my guitar links come from the spirit of the world, so every song I have a link and start singing. I don’t have a paper and pencil and have no idea of the title, but the creative process is pure, instinctual, organic, and inspired.

There are a lot of songs where maybe not all of them came after the hunt, some of them came from numerous encounters with beautiful ladies and those links have a certain essence as well. I’m inspired by the most important things in the world hunting and sex.

Aside from naming them his greatest inspirations, Nugent also defined sex and hunting as the most important things in the world. His recent statement will probably once again draw the attention of animal rights activists.