Veteran rocker Ted Nugent explained why he wouldn’t go on a tour this year during a recent livestream on YouTube.

In the conversation, Ted Nugent mentioned that there are lots of people who want to see him on the stage but he saddened the fans by saying that there is no Great White Buffalo 2021′ tour.

Furthermore, Ted revealed that half of the facilities won’t have a concert and the other half have restricted attendance. Therefore, Ted decided to postpone his tour, probably through next year.

Ted pointed out that he can not pay the bills of the workers if he tried to take a tour this year, because half of the profit will not be available due to the restrictions and said that there is nothing to apologize for from his side because of that.

Here is what Ted Nugent said:

“I see a lot of people on my Facebook going, ‘Can’t wait to see you at Penn’s Peak,’ ‘Can’t wait to see you at Billy Bob’s, ‘Can’t wait to see you at the gig in New Hampshire.

I thought it was made clear, but somebody is scamming somebody, ’cause guess what? The Ted Nugent tour is canceled again this year. I will not go on tour this year because half of the facilities won’t have a concert, and the other half have restricted attendance. There is no Ted Nugent ‘Great White Buffalo 2021’ tour.

It’s heartbreaking; it’s horrible. But my truck drivers, my bus drivers and all my employees, they’re not gonna take a half a paycheck.”

He continued:

“If there’s a half attendance or half the gigs are shut down, how do you pay for the hotels and the food, the lodging, the per diems, the highway, the gas, the fuel, the diesel, the flights, the salaries?

How do you do it? I’ll tell you how: you can’t. So I’m not gonna apologize, ’cause somebody should apologize to me. I wanna go tour so bad, I can hardly stand it. So don’t be anticipating a Ted Nugent rock-out this year.”

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