Ted Nugent recently shared one of his interviews with Guns & Ammo Magazine on his Facebook page and told the story of how KISS gifted him a special gun after they finished their unforgettable tour.

As you probably know, KISS decided to embark on The Destroyer Tour, also known as The Spirit of ’76 Tour, after they released their fourth studio album ‘Destroyer’ on March 15, 1976. The tour’s concerts attracted the attention of millions of rock music fans.

The tour began on April 11, 1976, in Fort Wayne and ended in Springfield on September 12, 1976. Bob Seger, Ted Nugent, and Montrose joined KISS as their opening act. Also, Ted Nugent got a very rare and priceless gift from the KISS members at the end of their tour.

During his recent conversation, Ted Nugent revealed that the KISS members gave him a 44 Magnum with the KISS logo as a bonus after their tour. This topic came up when the host asked about Nugent’s insane gun collection, and the rocker described KISS’s gift as the best he could ever get because he is a ‘gun nut.’

In Nugent’s words, he said:

“Everybody in the rock and roll world knows that I’m the gun nut. I love the tools, especially firearms. When I have done many tours with KISS, they thought ‘What do we get Ted Nugent as a tour bonus?’ Of course, the manager Doug said, ‘Why don’t you give him a gun?’

So they made this beautiful custom 44 Magnum with the KISS logo on the barrel. I think that’s worth a lot of money. I never fired it. I didn’t carry it. It’s one of the guns that are display pieces. You certainly can fire, it’s a real McCoy. It’s a beautiful firearm. I think it’s stainless steel, but that’s one of many that have a unique history. It’s one of a kind and there is no other gun like that on the planet.

Ted Nugent showed off his KISS-themed Magnum, saying that it’s one of a kind and no one can find a gun like that. However, he said that he never used or carried it until to this day.

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