In a recent interview with Joe Rogan, the rock singer, songwriter, and conservative political activist Ted Nugent shared his views about hunting and argued for his long going hobby while saying the meat he ate was earned.

During a recent conversation with Joe Rogan, Ted Nugent explained why hunting plays such an important role in his life. Rogan started his question by discussing the concept of ‘connecting with your food‘ which he said that you can achieve either by hunting or the closest to that, by growing your own vegetables.

Joe added that when you put an arrow through an animal and you look at its eyes and when you pull the arrow out, there is ‘this powerful connection between you and that animal’ with which Ted Nugent agreed wholeheartedly.

Ted Nugent said that when you hunt the animal you’re going to eat, ‘you earn it‘ and that becomes the best part of hunting. He stated that by looking at the animal’s eyes and killing it, you practice an old tradition and earn the food you’re going to eat.

Here’s what Joe Rogan said:

“Also there’s a connection to what you’re doing that’s different than almost any other connection to food. If you grow your own vegetables, you get a connection to that food but it’s not the same connection.

Because you send an arrow through an animal,  you’re looking into its eyes, but also you know how difficult it is. And when you pull it off, there’s this powerful connection between you and that animal.”

Ted Nugent chimed in and said:

“You earn it. Oh, boy, do you earn it…”

Ted Nugent went on to explain how hunting has helped him throughout his stressful career and while coping with numerous upsetting situations. Ted Nugent quoted the famous bow hunter Fred bear and said that ‘it cleanses the soul.’

Furthermore, Ted went on to say that hunting is so physically and emotionally consuming that you forget everything that is wrong. He stated that hunting has helped him cope with his bad divorce as well as with the people who don’t think America is the best country that needs secure borders.

Nugent also added that hunting in nature has always intoxicated him; that he feels drunk and stoned at the same time because he’s trying to pick up all of nature’s signals. He finished his answer by saying that hunting is one of the main outlets that have enabled him to continue his often stressful rock career.

Here’s what Ted Nugent said about why he loves hunting:

“It’s consuming. Fred Bear uses the phrase and he coined the phrase, and I use it all the time. ‘It cleanses the soul.’ When you or I leave the pavement and I make that transition from the modern concrete jungle hand to hand combat city I – because that’s where my rock and roll career is the ultimate – and you take that deep breath, you literally go back to the year 1.

I know there’s a highway nearby. I know I can hear tracks off in the distance and the train but when I get in my swamp in Michigan or my woods in Texas, to quote Jimi Hendrix, ‘ain’t no life nowhere.’ I am the aborigine. It’s me, my resources, and the Beast. And it’s a religious experience. It’s the spirit, the natives call it the Great Spirit they considered the buffalo their brother.”

He continued by saying:

“And it is so consuming that I don’t care what kind of stress you could be going through the ugliest divorce in the world, and I have, you could be fighting against people who don’t think that America should be first and you don’t need secure borders and you don’t need to earn your own way, you’re able-bodied but you want somebody else’s income.

It just crazy shit. And all of a sudden I get out there and I’m telling you, Joe, it’s perfect. Yeah, I’m literally intoxicated. I’m drunk, I’m stoned, trying to pick up all the signals. And I do a pretty good job. I’ve learned over the years because I need that so much to play my music as I play it, that it cleanses my soul.”

You can check out Ted Nugent’s interview below.

Joe Rogan and Ted Nugent Discuss Harvesting and Eating Wild Game

There is something surreal about eating something you really EARNED.That is in essense the Spirit of the Wild. Rogan knows!

Posted by Ted Nugent Spirit of the Wild on Monday, November 23, 2020