Rock veteran and conservative political activist, Ted Nugent, shared his ideas about white supremacy in America by denying its existence once again and also claimed that Black people haven’t been killed by white supremacists during his Facebook live stream.

As you may know, Ted Nugent’s ideas about carrying guns, Democrats, COVID-19, and other ongoing problems in the country have been drawing great attention. Thus, he has been on the headlines of the newspapers and websites with his bold statements rather than with his musical projects.

A short time ago, Nugent had targeted the Black Lives Matter protests, which started following George Floyd’s murder and talked about racism toward African American people in the US. He denied the existence of white supremacy and racism by calling the protesters Democrat terrorists who hate their country.

In his recent Facebook stream, Ted Nugent highlighted that there is neither systematic racism toward black people nor white supremacists in America once again. Also, he stated that none of the white supremacists have killed any black people for years and added that they can’t be the biggest threat to the country.

In Nugent’s words, he said:

“The great thing about America is that there is not systematic racism. We made it illegal and the biggest threat to America is not white supremacy. The biggest threat to America would be Pterodactylus and white supremacy! Where are the Pterodactylus? Exactly… They are huge and have got big claws. Also, they grab children from the swing set. We had to ban Pterodactylus. No, you don’t. No white supremacists killed any black people in America. I can’t remember the last time.”

Thus, according to Ted Nugent, there is no such thing as white supremacy in the US even though it is widely accepted that black people often face discrimination, violence, and racism all around the country.