The legendary guitarist and also known as one of the most famous patriots of the music industry, Ted Nugent, has posted a couple of new posts on his official Facebook account. This time, he revealed the things that the life of America depend on them.

Uncle Ted shared America’s Longest-Standing Civil Rights Organization, National Rifle Association‘s well-known quote that is also being sold as a shirt for the fans. As you will read the post both Ted and NRA shared, they believe that every single person should fight to protect their freedom.

After sending this post, Ted posted yet another video on the same account and recalled the days that he and Piers Morgan went toe-to-toe on Gun Control. Once again, they claimed that freedom is not free by reminding his famous quote: “The whole world sucks, but the USA sucks less.”

Here is what Ted Nugent wrote on the post he has shared:

“Never stop fighting, patriots! Our lives depend on it.”

And here is the famous quote of the National Rifle Association:

“Only after…

Only after all our guns have been banned,
All our words have been censored,
All our history has been erased,
All our freedoms have been taken,
Would they finally understand why we fight so hard to protect
Our right to keep and bear arms.”

You can check out the latest Facebook post right below.

Gepostet von Ted Nugent am Montag, 24. August 2020