During his latest live streams on Youtube, Ted Nugent expressed his ideas about a recent tragic event in Texas. Nugent shared his advice about what should be done to stop these attacks.

On May 24, 2022, an eighteen-year-old man, Texas officials named Salvador Ramos of Uvalde, entered a Texas elementary school. He murdered 19 children, two adults, and the Texas Department of Public Safety Sgt. Erick Estrada confirmed that he also attacked his grandmother.

Estrada added that Ramos had body armor, a rifle, and a backpack during the school shooting, and law enforcement officers had to kill the gunman to stop him. As a person who is a pro-gun activist, Nugent stated that teachers should carry guns and know how to use that before teaching kids about gender fluidity.

According to Ted, having adults with guns present at schools could be very important to protect children from school shooting incidents. Nugent highlighted that every school in America needed to hire highly trained and armed security guards on the floors. Otherwise, the children will stay vulnerable to any attack from these evil people.

Nugent said in his live stream that:

“I don’t want teachers that teach my children; they can be gender-fluid, to be in charge of the security of my children. Because if you’re going to save children in a Sandy Hook, Columbine, or Parkland, Virginia Tech, Uvalde, and stop an active shooter, you got to know what you’re doing.

You have to have basic tactics, be one samurai with that weapon. You have to know how to neutralize the threat. That takes dedication. I believe that every school in America should have a highly trained commando-type security guard per floor, maybe every ten rooms.

I mean ‘Cocked, Locked & Ready to Rock.’ I mean, tuned in, and our children are worth protecting. Unarmed and helpless are a welcome map for evil.

You can check out the video below.

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