The rock veteran and conservative political activist, Ted Nugent shared the video of his conversation with Joe Rogan on his personal Facebook page and laid out some harsh criticism related to vegans such as his own son, Rocco.

As you might remember, the famous rock ‘n’ roll musician Ted Nugent was also known for his fondness of wildlife and hunting. Nugent has been showing his love for being in nature and hunting animals often on social media platforms.

Recently on his personal Facebook page, Ted Nugent shared the video of a previous interview he joined with Joe Rogan on his radio show. As you will see in the video below, while they were having a conversation about Ted’s interest in wildlife and Joe brought up the subject of veganism and asked what Ted was thinking about vegans.

As a response, Nugent stated that for him, it was so stupid to be a vegan. However, he also revealed that his son Rocco actually became vegan and stopped hunting with his dad.

Here’s what Ted Nugent stated in the video:

“I can’t even pronounce it. So stupid. By the way, my son Rocco, whom I love beyond description, is vegan.”

Furthermore, Ted claimed that being vegan didn’t mean that they were not harming nature by stating:

“So you think you can have a tofu salad and not responsible for any deaths?

Fuck you.

You can watch the video Ted Nugent posted on his Facebook account below.

Vegans….can you believe it?Life without backstraps??? No life for me. Joe Rogan and I have some great conversations.

Gepostet von Ted Nugent am Montag, 19. Oktober 2020