Ted Nugent targeted people who work in The Central Intelligence Agency during his latest live chat with his followers on his Facebook account. The rocker claimed that his followers changed from 20 million to more than 3 million by holding them responsible for that.

Last year, Nugent claimed that he had approximately 36 million followers before he started to talk about politics more. During that conversation, he had 3 million followers, so the musician accused Facebook of reducing them to prevent him from expressing his ideas about the country’s ongoing problems. According to him, the other reason behind that was Nugent’s being a supporter of the Republican Party and former President Donald Trump.

However, it wasn’t his only criticism against the social media platform and its founder Mark Zuckerberg; Nugent called him and his team Nazi-like fact-checkers, which probably would ban him soon due to his controversial statements. Currently, 3.6 million users have been following him on Facebook, and Nugent wanted to highlight that censorship again. The musician claimed that there were more than 20 million people in 2015.

Nugent blamed the CIA employees for censoring him and showed his middle finger to them even though he knew that people would find it outrageous and unacceptable. The famous guitarist stated that the CIA is after him because of his words about Joe Biden’s son and attorney Hunter whom he defined as a drug-infested, evil, rotten spoiled brat, and criminal punk.

Uncle Ted shared his ideas, saying:

“Rotten evil dishonest people in the world censor the first Amendment. In the summer of 2015, I had between 20 million and 36 million. It’s on record. I don’t know if you can google it and go back. With the technology, I’m sure some CIA guy can do it. Probably that’s the CIA guy that censored me.

Hey, CIA guys, you treasonous, cruel, satanic pricks. ‘Nugent called out the CIA. Outrageous!’ It’s outrageous. I called Hunter Biden a drug-infested gun felon because he is. He is an evil, rotten spoiled brat, and criminal punk, the President’s son.”

As a person who defined Biden as satan number one and Democrat Party as a demonic cult ruling the country, Nugent won’t stop criticizing the government, agencies, the President, and his family soon. There’s no doubt that the musician will also support Trump in his next possible office run.